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Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Alpha Release (1.8.7) is up

The update was broken, but it is ok now!

If you got the bad update then you will need to download a full distribution for 1.8.7. You can find it here:

The new Alpha is ready. Please use the updater to get it. I have played it through, but as there are some divergent paths, there still may be some bugs/issues.

This release has new graphics for the bad end and additional graphics for Iolite in her bedroom. Additionally, a few people have been asking for longer descriptions, so this is the first scene in which has extensive writing by one of our new team writers.

I will say though, I am responsible for transcribing it into the game, so anything that is off is likely to be my fault not theirs. :(

And finally, the object of the game is to not see this scene. :)