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Crowd Funding has now closed at Offbeatr. Thankyou everyone who supported us. It was touch and go for a while, but we made our base target with minutes to spare. :O

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Release 1.8.0 is up

Alpha release 1.8.0 is ready. You can get it here: or use the updater.

Apart from a few minor fixes to the new pregnancy system, the main thing is a revised update mechanism.

Large chunks of update will give you a percent complete as they go through. The main thing though is that it is a two stage update from a base release and from a latest set of patches. This means I can put up patches in a few minutes instead of hours.

Note: it goes silent for about 15 seconds after you push the button. It IS doing something. It just takes time to kick off. I will speed it up next time I work on that code.

There are also separate buttons for latest stable and latest alpha. At present they point to the same thing. If you try them out, you will get a simple update. The version number will update to 1.8.1.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

An IOU for some patches.

The storm of updates I put out this week, showed me a major deficiency in the updater. At the moment I have to upload two 300Mb files every time I change even 1 character in the game and want to release it.

I am making some changes to the updater this weekend so that I will be able to put up a much smaller patch file. This will mean that I can put up a patch in a minute or two instead of it taking an hour or more.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Release 1.7.8 is up

You can find the new release here ( or use the updater.

This release is largely untested. Be prepared for bugs and weirdness.

In this release, the pregnancy code has been rewritten. There is a new logical location called the Spa, which after lots of requests, I have decided to make a place that you can go to. That's not done yet, but the basis is there.

Unpregnant will go away in the next release and you probably should not use it with this one except in emergencies. Getting the wrong person pregnant at the wrong time will lead to a bad end. There is a new automatic save function that saves just before a pregnancy. You can restore from the restart menu.

There are new images from SealedTwilight and HellGate2 in this release for Topaz and Iolite in their quarters. I hope you will agree that for new artists, their work is praiseworthy.
There are a few bug fixes to rumours and other things as well.

If you are a Mac user and it still does not work for you, please let me know. It works on the OS-X Mavericks laptop that I have access to.

My focus for the next few weeks is more artwork and fixing bugs.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Status Update

I will try to get another release out in the next two weeks. I am part way through my updates to the pregnancy code. It is a bit intensive as I am writing new dialog for each character when they get pregnant.

In my current plan, the game will save a checkpoint at each pregnancy, so you can go back to that point, just before it happens. Some pregnancies will result in a bad end although it will be delayed a little, but it will work itself out within a game day or two.

A hint for people playing the game as it is now. If you get someone pregnant before you get them to be in love with you, you may miss some events and not be able to complete the game. That's why we have the temporary unpregnant button on the status screen.

HellGate2 and SealedTwilight have joined the art department and we will also have some of HellGate2's artwork in the next release.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support. It is really appreciated. :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Release 1.7.7 Alpha is up

The new Alpha release is up here:

or you can get it with the updater.

I have updated the release without changing the version number. There was a problem with rumours on Macs. I believe I have fixed that now, but I have not tested it on a Mac yet. Please let me know of any issues.

In this release I have added new artwork for the shopkeeper and a little bit extra in that sequence including a new potion.

The rumours engine is finally in. When they start talking about the weather, you have pretty much exhausted the rumours as they are now. There are about 50.

Also Zarielle is now Zarielle in the throne room and not Verdite. Thans for mentioning that 7RON. :)

For the next release, I will be fixing up some of the pregnancy problems and adding in a new bad ending. We also should see the first artwork from one of our new artists. The latest set they sent me was pretty close. :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Status Update

Sorry no release this weekend. I was hoping to get one out, but ran out of time. The good news is the rumours system is now coded and seems to be working in the limited testing that I've done. I have another set of images ready for the shopkeeper and just have to finish putting them in the game.

I am getting close to the end of the patrol images and then I get to start on some of the more interesting ones. :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Cold and Flu Season

The title says it all. It's that season down where I am and I am flattened right now. Just staying upright in a chair is hard!

On the good news front, one of our new artists has given me some of his work to look at. It is coming along really well and I am quite impressed. They are doing very well for someone who has not been doing this for long.

With a bit of luck, we will have all of the Iolite artwork complete soon. :)